Sen. Adriane Johnson

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson was appointed to serve as chair of the Senate Education Committee for the 103rd General Assembly.

“Improving our education systems to become more equitable and safer has always been a top priority of mine,” said Johnson. “Together, as a committee, we will bring forth measures that will further develop and improve our education system for our students, teachers, and families.”

Senator Johnson has advocated for issues surrounding education throughout her entire career. Her voice has played a profound role in leading measures that will improve the experiences of many students and teachers.

During her time with the Senate, she has championed a bill that prioritizes the demonstration of inclusivity, safety, and equality in our schools through The Whole Child Task Force. She also established a measure for school boards to waive fees for students whose parent is a veteran or active military member with an income below the poverty line.

The Senate Education Committee hears legislation that affects public and private schools throughout the state.

Johnson has been recognized for her persistent support surrounding education over the years. Recently, she received an award for supporting programs to help young people pursue their education, and prepare for their future.

“Students will one day contribute to our society as teachers, doctors, community leaders and more,” said Johnson. “It’s vital we set them up for success from day one. I vow to do that as chair of the Senate Education Committee.”

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