Sen. Adriane Johnson- HB2820

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson led two new laws to provide comprehensive training to professionals in life-threatening emergencies.

“Preparing professionals in settings where life-threatening emergencies rising is crucial to public safety,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “When dealing with trauma, it is best practice to be prepared so that they can handle the situation effectively, calmly and reduce the chances of fatality.”

House Bill 1561  requires school districts to provide training to all employees on methods of how to respond to incidents involving life-threatening bleeding. Further, all schools will be required to have an on-site trauma kit. This training is crucial for both teachers and students, as it will provide a set of medical skills used to provide emergency medical care and medical emergency responses.

House Bill 2820  addresses airway emergencies experienced during childbirth and other leading causes of maternal mortality. Under the measure, birthing centers' continuing education and written policies will be required to include information to promote safer birthing experiences and decrease mortality rates in birthing centers.

“Ensuring that our professionals in every setting are trained and equipped to address the life threatening responses they deal with is essential to reducing the number of trauma incidents that result in fatality,” said Johnson. “I want professionals in our schools and in our birthing centers to feel prepared to deal with the emergencies that come their way.

House Bill 1561 and House Bill 2820 were signed into law on Friday.