Sen. Adriane Johnson - SB1774

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson championed a new law to expand and support cancer research in Illinois.

“Cancer is a known disease that impacts each and every one of us – whether you are fighting it, know someone battling it, or have lost a loved one from it,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “This expansion of cancer research has the potential to change lives through future treatment and solutions we have yet to discover.”

According to American Cancer Society, over 1.9 million new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year. More than 74,000 of those new cases of cancer are estimated to be in Illinois alone.

Johnson’s law expands research to answer specific questions about the safety of treatment, vaccines, therapy, medical devices and more. Additionally, Senate Bill 1774 emphasizes the importance of diversity among clinical trial participants in order to learn more about the safety and efficacy of potential medicine and treatments.

“We need to expand our research so we can know how this disease effects people individually and demographically,” said Johnson. “Supporting cancer research provides better treatment, more efficient solutions, and improved services to increase peoples’ chances of survival.”

Senate Bill 1774 was signed into law on Friday.