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BUFFALO GROVE – During Human Trafficking Awareness Month and in her efforts to address the global epidemic of modern slavery, State Senator Adriane Johnson supports the local short film premiere of Lost N Found.

“Human trafficking is a vastly growing issue that is happening right now in our communities,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “It is an unfortunate crisis and we must amplify the concern and tell stories that demonstrate this harsh reality. I am proud to support Yashin’s efforts.”

Yashin “Inchworm” Phillips, director of the short film Lost N Found, captures the journey of a father being faced with the challenging circumstances of sex trafficking when an experience hits close to home. The film made its first premiere at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL this month.

“I am so blessed, so honored, and so grateful of the support that Senator Johnson has provided on this film,” said Phillips. “For her to see the potential in me, believe in the work that I’m doing, and push me to display it on a larger scale, it means a lot.”

In 2021 there were over 240 cases of human trafficking in the state of Illinois with over 350 victims involved. The vast majority of those victims were women, in which Phillips’ film demonstrates. Lost N Found will have its second premiere on Sunday February 5, at the Marcus Gurnee Cinema where two shows will be held at 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Tickets can be found online.

To learn more about human trafficking or to get help, call 1-888-373-7888 or visit


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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Adriane Johnson was inaugurated Wednesday for a second term.

“This district holds a special place in my heart – together we have made history once again,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “The 30th District is filled with variety of unique stories, backgrounds and beliefs. I am so fortunate to represent the community and to continue to fight for its needs.”

Johnson made history during her first term as the first Black State Senator in the 30th District. She advanced several measures surrounding environmental protection, funding for youth, health care screenings, and more. This term she plans to further expand measures pertaining to the health care system, environmental care, and education.

“I am committed to listening to the problems residents face on a daily basis and work effortlessly to create solutions that will enhance the success and development of our community,” said Johnson. “I anticipate working with many of my local neighbors and organizations in an effort to make it happen.”

People in the 30th District can contact Johnson’s office for assistance with state and local resources at (847) 672-6201 or .


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022522CM0723SPRINGFIELD – Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, State Senator Adriane Johnson supported a measure that further enshrines reproductive health care rights in Illinois.

“One of my top priorities has been – and always will be – protecting basic fundamental rights of those in this state,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “People should have the right to make decisions about their body and proper access to reproductive health care. I’m proud of Illinois’ continuous fight to remain a safe haven.”

While several states have implemented more restrictive laws to diminish reproductive health care rights following the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, Illinois has continuously worked to enshrine those rights. House Bill 4664 protects health care professionals in Illinois from restrictive laws from other states and provides privacy and protections for people who seek abortion or gender-affirming care in Illinois.

Under the measure, Illinois health care providers will not be penalized for providing care that is illegal in another state but legal in Illinois, and people in Illinois won’t be punished for seeking reproductive health care that is lawful here.

The measure also calls for a number of other avenues to protect choice, including protecting in vitro fertilization, creating grants to provide abortion training, clarifying advance practice nurses can perform abortions, and more.

“Illinois has been a safe haven for women protecting their right to choose during this challenging time and will continue to do so,” said Johnson (D- Buffalo Grove). “Through this action, we are ensuring that Illinois remains a step ahead of states trying to outlaw such care.”

House Bill 4664 passed the Senate Tuesday and awaits further consideration from the House.

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052520210014SPRINGFIELD – Just six months after a gunman opened fire at a Fourth of July parade in nearby Highland Park – killing seven and injuring dozens more – State Senator Adriane Johnson voted in support of banning assault weapons in Illinois.

“Our state holds a great responsibility to protect people from the continued act of gun violence caused by assault weapons,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “I’m glad as a state we finally said ‘enough is enough’ and fought diligently to get these weapons of war off our streets.”

Gun violence has been an ongoing issue with 2022 having one of the highest rates of mass shootings. The Highland Park mass shooting was not the only tragedy by gun violence that occurred on the Fourth of July. That same night five people in Chicago were injured by gunfire and another died. Over that holiday long weekend, there were a total of 68 people shot and eight killed in various areas including the west and south sides of Chicago. Johnson has been vocal on the need to enhance gun violence prevention measures, most recently supporting House Bill 5471, which bans assault weapons from being sold in Illinois.

“Easy access to weapons ignites a threat to the safety of our residents, and increases the imminence of carnage,” said Johnson. “Access to assault weapons should not be easily accessible, and today we have taken a major step toward addressing this problem.”

Approximately one-third of public mass shooting events include the use of an assault weapon, and nearly 40% involve a high-capacity magazine according to research. When an assault weapon and/or a high-capacity magazine is used in a public mass shooting, nearly 14 times as many people are injured, and twice as many people are killed. Not only are there more injuries when assault weapons are used, but the types of injuries are far worse.

HB 5471 passed the Senate and will now head to the House for further consideration.

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